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Who Are We?

WOHSS is a membership organization with a goal to provide other female safety professionals with education, mentorship, networking sessions, workshops, speaker series and to provide connection to the health and safety community.

Vision for the future

Our vision is for WOHSS to make a measurable difference in building a better future for women working in OH&S.

Our Board Members

The WOHSS Board is comprised of a group of women working in the the Health and Safety industry, who came together with different backgrounds, experiences and career paths; dedicated to one common goal: To support, educate and help facilitate the advancement of women in the Health and Safety field. Our core value centers around our collective vision in bringing women together.

Key Partners

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“Telelink Emergency & Safety saves lives, money and time. We work with our customers to develop a thorough understanding of their business risk, and create custom, scalable, 24/7 response solutions that protect employees, assets, and brands. From personal GPS devices and smartphone apps to our dedicated emergency response and monitoring team, we offer a full suite of products and services that protect your business and your employees.”
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Jeff Safioles
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On behalf of Women in the Occupational Health & Safety Society (WOHSS), thank you for considering our organization for your support. WOHSS is seeking partners and sponsors to help our organization engage women working in occupational health and safety at all levels of the profession to exchange knowledge and experience, to develop leadership qualities and to increase gender equality in Alberta.