WOHSS Mentorship Program will has three streams to enhance the experience for mentors and mentees alike. The mentoring relationships will run for 6 months with the option to extend. Each intake will provide a six-month opportunity for mentors and mentees to work together on goals, challenges, and learning.

Members of WOHSS Alberta enjoy exclusive access to mentoring opportunities. Out-of-province applicants are currently not eligible to enrol in the mentorship program at WOHSS Alberta, however, this will continue to be re-assessed and may be changed based on demand. Associate members are not eligible to enrol as Mentees, but may be considered for Mentor roles. See below for more information about our membership streams.

The Leadership Mentorship Stream

Our Leadership Mentoring Stream matches experienced WOHSS members with up and coming OHS/HSE leaders in Alberta. This Stream provides an opportunity for seasoned members to mentor mentees who are serious about increasing their strategic OHS/HSE knowledge and leadership skills.

Mentors: Must hold a current a professional designation (i.e. CRSP, CSP, COHN, other Non-HSE Related) and/or sufficient experience, either/both deemed appropriate by the Mentorship Committee with at least eight years’ total experience in any area of OHS/HSE, at least 5 years’ experience in a management role and possess the qualities of an effective mentor.

Mentees: Must have at least three years’ experience in some aspect of OHS/HSE.

The Career Development Stream

Our Career Development Stream matches experienced members with rising stars in the OHS/HSE profession in Alberta. This Stream provides an opportunity for mentors at different stages in their career to provide guidance and advice to those who are new to the OHS/HSE profession.

Mentors: Recommended they hold a HSE/OSH designation, an accreditation/certification through formal OHS/HSE education, have at least five years experience in any area of OHS/HSE and possess the qualities of effective mentor. Mentors in the Career Development stream may be subject to one round as a Mentee in the Leadership Mentoring Stream, at the discretion of the Mentorship Committee.

Mentees: Will typically have less than three years’ experience in some aspect of OHS/HSE. This stream is ideal for students, new graduates, young professionals, or someone transitioning into OHS/HSE from another field/industry.

The Peer Mentoring Stream

The Peer Mentoring Stream takes the form of special interest groups, where members may have interest in a certain topic or wish to partner with peers on learning opportunities. An example of this could be a CRSP Exam Study Group. Peer groups are available to all members who are looking to share experiences or research topics.


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