“Technical resources are the necessary tools that you need to do a job. This may include energy, materials, information, people, etc. The tech resources group offers expert advice from WOHSS members and information sharing that can help with answering safety related questions and challenges.”

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Safety Spotlight

Let's Talk Safety

A Blog about Workplace Safety issues, trends, challenges and possible solutions. ​ Let's start the dialogue.

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Some people say that the Occupational Health and Safety industry is at a standstill. Workers are still dying and being injured on the job at alarming rates. Some people believe that safety professionals are not adapting and learning to the new information available in business and in the industry. Some safety people say they've been fighting the same fight for years without progress and it's because organizations don't truly believe in workplace safety. This is a podcast for those who work in safety, care about safety and want to have a conversation about safety. When we know better, we can do better.

Join host Stephanie Benay as she speaks with industry thought leaders, innovators, disrupters and change-agents to share knowledge, gain insight and become better at understanding workplace safety, in all aspects.

"My first guest is Paula Campkin, Chair of the newly formed Women in Occupational Health and Safety Society of Alberta. During this conversation, Paula and I discussed how she started her career, why a society for women in safety is necessary, what skills, tools, and capabilities are required for women as they progress through organizations, some of the biases that are faced by women and some unique challenges women often experience in the safety world. We sum up our podcast with a call to action and ask for support from our male colleagues."

Stephanie Benay,

Safety Snapshot

Share your experience! WOHSS communications group would like to start a feature article called “Safety Snapshot” that tells us about the interesting and exciting parts of your journey in a safety position. We will post this article here on our website and circulate it through our social media for our members to enjoy.

We know the world of safety can be so diverse and unique at times, help us erase the belief that all safety does is push paper! Let’s prove them wrong with pictures and stories of what we really do for work. Whether it’s inspirational, cautionary, amazing or even strange, we want to know what you’re up to when you’re on the job site. Please contact us with your story!
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